Student-Athlete Leadership

SALB Mission Statement:

The Student Athlete Leadership Board works to unite the Dulaney community through our passion for athletics and rally support from the student body.

About SALB

Created in 2013 by Athletic Director Rich Reed, the Student Athlete Leadership Board has added additional energy and enthusiasm to Dulaney Athletics and its tradition of success. Student-athletes are determined strictly via voluntary enrollment. The Student Athlete Leadership Board’s membership has grown to over 100 dedicated student-athletes from each team who all serve as prime examples of what being a Dulaney Lion is all about.

SALB works to unite the community through passion for athletics and rally support from the student body. The general assembly is responsible for coordinating spirit events and creating a forum for student athletes to voice their concerns or opinions about things occurring in the athletic department.

Among the board’s greatest achievements would be getting the One Love Foundation involved within the school. The Foundation works to educate young people on the warning signs of abusive relationships. It offers a 90-minute workshop, which effectively relates to its participants, while at the same time providing a substantial education regarding the warning signs of unhealthy relationships. The board organized a variety of activities in association with the One Love organization to raise awareness about the topic within the Dulaney community.

Additionally, the board holds quarterly leadership meetings that all members are required to attend. These meetings, facilitated by the SALB presidents, along with Mr. Reed, allow for collaborative, hands-on discussion of improvements and successes within the athletic department. 

Although SALB membership does not include the entire 1,300 student-athlete population at Dulaney, those who have applied are clear leaders who are actively engaged in the community and have proven to be an excellent example to others.

How To Apply:

Each year the SALB evolves due to its larger membership and following.  During this time period the application process has changed year to year based upon each year's involvement.  Currently, all members are to apply online (click here) to be a part of the General Membership.  If the membership link is closed, all late applicants must reach out to the SALB Presidents and inquire about joining.   

Meetings and Involvement:

SALB Presidents meet frequently with the Dulaney Athletic Leadership Board and the Director of Athletics to be heard about all of the SALB initiatives and concerns.  They work hand in hand on school leadership opportunities.   

General Members meet quarterly to actively engage in a leadership presentation, guest speaker or teamwork activity.  Due to the large size of SALB, this is done strategically so that all members can be actively involved yet not miss numerous practices, games, etc.  

Each year the mission and philosophy change slightly based upon the SALB Leadership and its responsibility to fit the needs of all the Student-Athletes at Dulaney High School.  

Current Members:

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Zoe Hermann and Giorgio Gayleard (Class of 2019)

Casey O'Grady and Mark Bonner (Class of 2018)

Kiley Bolonda and Jack Hermann (Class of 2017)

Emma O'Grady and Javon Smith (Class of 2016)

Sarah Hampton and James Bonner (Class of 2015)

Julian Sheppy (Class of 2014)

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